Integrated Robotics offers a Software Development Kit (SDK) to interface “dumb” and “smart” sensors to multi-spectrial data processor (MSP) module.  Each payload sensor is assigned a data collection and/or control function.  IRIS radar sensor provides the platform with real-time Detect, Sense-and-Avoid control functions.
This SDK will provide drone service providers rapid spectral sensor payload integration for aerial platform missions.
The Sensor Integration Kit (SIK) gives single and/or multiple smart sensors the ability to visualize real-time streaming data remotely.  The SIK includes Windows PC software for Multiple Radar and Sensor Data Visualization and IRIS radar data throughput tester.  The IRIS module is a frequency shift keyed continuous wave collision avoidance radar with phased array patch antenna – dimension (13 x 10 x 17.5 cm), lightweight (360 g) and operated on low power battery source.
IRIS miniature Radar Air Collision Avoidance module is proprietary and includes patent protection.  Smart Sensor Systems architecture is under copyright and is provisional patent protected.
One example of the MSP’s capabilities is a Wildfire Detection System research project with the City of Anchorage, AK. This project is sponsored by an Alaskan Native American Corporation (Super 8-A).


Multisensor Data Fusion

Integrated Robotics is in development of enhanced Multi-Spectral Sensor Processor module labeled “MSP-E”. The MSP-E is a multi-core (16 thread) data processor designed to engage in “Edge Analytics” also known as “distributed analytics” where analytics is performed at the point where the data is collected. The MSP-E will collect data from both IRIS Radar sensor as well as the other payload sensors. The IRIS Radar Sensor data will be analyzed in both “real-time” to enable drone sense-and-avoid capabilities and RF linked and stored in on-board micro SD card for post processing analysis and FAA rule compliance.