Integrated Robotics team works with customers to develop tailored project strategies to produce timely and informed data decisions using artificial intelligence extraction techniques.  All mission projects are conducted in accordance with safe operating environmental rules and certified minimum risk protocol to meet specific needs of our customers.

Multi-Missions Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Your Edge Solutions!

ECA Group IT180-120 Use Cases:

ECA Group of France has been one of the pioneers in offering complete robotics and systems integration of sensor based solutions since 1936. Integrated Robotics employs ECA’s Vertical Take-Off & Landing (VTOL) UAV platform for diverse applications such as radiological, geomagnetic, mining and  topographic survey related missions.
The ECA Group Infotron IT180 UAV platform, with its specialized software, is capable of performing fully autonomous flight (no operator interaction), or full pilot in command, enabling real-time control of data collection for post-processing.

ECA Group IT180-999 Use Cases:

ECA Group  IT180-999 tethered Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) solution for permanent operations. Powered by a ground power supply, the Airborne Drone IT180-999 can fly for unlimited period of time and perform various type of missions, such as air surveillance or radio relaying in remote places where radio links are weak.
The length of the tethered cable allows operations up to 150 meters altitude extending the surveillance range and is ideally suited to large-scale events (sport events, crowd control), crisis management and site protection.  The UAV IT180-999’s empty weight is 18 kg and provides a max payload of 3 kg. Payload options includes gyrostabilized EO/IR video camera, digital still camera, radio relay module, anti-drone kit, jamming module, CBRN sensors, and free flight mode.

AirShip EAGLE Use Cases:

AirShip Technology Group of Lake Oswego, Oregon designs and manufacturers a multi-purpose land-air-sea vehicle possessing specialized ducted fan, rotary wing, vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) capabilities.
AirShip Eagle’s multi-mission platforms (Models V-1 thru V-7), employing Stealth Acoustics Intelligence are designed for Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), Long Flight Endurance and Day/Night Operations.  Payload sensors include Thermal, Electro-Optical/Infrared cameras (EO/IR), Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR), and Magnetometers.
AirShip Model V2
AirShip Model V2
Qualifying for FAA Part 107 pilot training on the platform takes a matter of hours and deploying the AirShip Eagle UAVs takes only a few minutes.
The benefits of  AirShip Eagle are clean technology propulsion; flight endurance of up to 4 days; stealth acoustics, low cost of acquisition, and optional submersible VTOL operations.
AirShip’s STINGER micro aerial vehicle (MAV) is a palm-sized, back-packable, palm-launched personal air support UAV. An ideal application exists in the use of the STINGER for Homeland Border Security troops who need intelligence in restricted areas such as tunnels and crowded border cities.


Other Use Cases

  • Industrial Facility Inspections
  • Marine &  Wildlife Surveys
  • Search & Rescue
  • TV/Film Productionss
  • Pipeline Inspections
  • Law Enforcement Activities
  • Forest & Urban Fire Monitoring
  • Utility Infrastructure Inspections
  • Oil Spill Monitoring & Cleanup
  • Natural Disaster Support Missions
  • Arctic Icepak Survey
  • Natural Resource Mapping

 AirShip endurance are scalable based on customer wing span and payload needs:

  • AirShip V1 (2.4 feet with 3 lbs. payload)
  • AirShip V2 (3.3 feet with 5.6 lbs. payload)
  • AirShip V5 (6.6 feet with 15 lbs. payload)
  • AirShip V7 (6.6 feet with 50 lbs. payload).