Early in 2012, the FAA established the Unmanned Aircraft System Integration Office in their effort to meet the Congressional mandate to publish rules for the safe integration of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) into the National Airspace by September 2015. The FAA proposes that “Detect, Sense and Avoid” (DSA) or “Sense and Avoid” (SAA) capability for UAS must provide for self-separation and ultimately for collision avoidance protection between UAS and other aircraft, analogous to the “see and avoid” operation of manned aircraft, that meets an acceptable level of safety. The most important significance of our successful research is saving lives, or more importantly, preventing placing lives in danger in the first place.
The DSA RADAR (Radio Detection And Ranging) lab prototype pictured (2012) was specifically developed and patented for small to medium-sized unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) at University of Denver (UoD). Integrated Robotics holds the exclusive manufacturing and marketing rights to this radar technology. In 2012, the lab prototype was small enough to fit in one hand (13 x 10 x 17.5 cm), lightweight (360 g), and operated on low power.
Our research and development team has repacked and enhanced UoD radar technology for a wide range of Land-Air-Sea Robotic applications in “self-adaptive” detect, sense and avoid capabilities for A2G (Air-to-Ground), G2A (Ground-to-Air), OD (Object Detection) and A2A (Air-to-Air).
Integrated Robotics is scheduled to begin delivery of the Integrated Robotics Radar Sensor Modules and  Software Development Kits (SDK) in Q4-2016. 
Integrated Robotics Radar Lab Development Systems
Integrated Robotics Radar Lab Development Modules
Patents  Integrated Robotics purchased for exclusive manufacturing and marketing rights.

University of Denver ~ PhD Grad Student Moses et al Patents Issued

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