Integrated Robotics technology partners were selected to deliver state-of-the-art drone platforms to acquire, process and deliver data.  Our partners technology provides multi-spectral data collection to analyze what the human eye cannot see.


iris-it180-rock-bkECA Group partner provides advanced long-duration flight drones (2 – 4 hour), unique post-processing data analytic services delivered via the cloud for real-time user interaction. This partner has international flight experience and operations in multiple foreign countries. Post-process analytic services are offered in the areas of mining, precision agriculture, surveillance, anomaly detection, leak detection for oil or gas pipelines (above or below ground) and topography for survey or land management companies.



AirShip Technology partner provides industry leading extended flight drones up to seven (7) days & six (6) nights of continuous operation. The platforms are powered by clean technology propulsion (solar film) for twelve (12) hours of daylight flight and Hydrogen Fuel Cell for six (6) nights of flight while recharging on-board power storage systems. The drone platform is carbon-fiber 3-D printed with vertical take-off and landing capabilities. Ideal applications are for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance applications as well as First Responder and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) requirements.

The AirShip Endurance V1, V2 and V5 UAVs are developed to operate autonomously through an unmanned aerial system (UAS) that provides 1st Responder customers with a superior real-time video view for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR).  The AirShip Endurance VTOL UAV lateral and rear turbines are a combination ducted fan with integrated Solar Turbine Air Accelerators (compressed air) that support the UAV clean tech propulsion system.  Both electric propulsion systems can be used simultaneously or independently.  For low acoustics stealth flight, only the integrated air accelerators are enabled.

These solar turbines provide thrust propulsion required by the UAV vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL), consume dramatically less energy during forward fixed wing flight operation, and fly with a 5-day flight endurance.  With its efficient design, this patent pending AirShip Endurance VTOL UAV quickly operates flight management and delivers sustainable propulsion via applied external solar film, a hydrogen fuel cell, and internal rechargeable ultracapacitors for stored electricity.

AirShip Endurance UAVs are scalable based on customer wing span and payload needs.  The AirShip V1 (2.4 feet with 3 lbs. payload); V2 (3.3 feet with 5.6 lbs. payload); V5 (6.6 feet with 15 lbs. payload); and V7 (6.6 feet with 50 lbs. payload).